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beauty_____lust's Journal

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Welcome To beauty lust. Rules application
Ok whatever community you try to join will ALWAYS have rules. This one has a few.
1. Once you join you have only 2 days (48 hours) to complete the application
2.Everythign must be answerd in complete sentences.
3. HIT THE SPACE BAR AFTER EVERY PUNCTUATION AND WORD. It gets highley annoying. Your app. will be denied if you don't follow this rule
4. Everything must be under a Lj cut. don't know how, Just take out the stars
5. If you can please bold the questions (it will be much easier to read) If not find some way to make the questions different from the answers.
6. For pictures you must have at least ONE. No more than 10 can be put in.
7. Remember, Fight with a mod you get kicked out. Permenetly.
8. If you get too many No's you can re-apply in one week. If it seems like you put no effort again into the app,
then you will be rejected and banned. Do not waste our time by being an ass and giving us the same answers twice.
~*~ Members:
1. Once accepted put the banner in your info.
2. When you are accepted, Tell us which picture you want us to use, Because that will be used for our Members list.
3. Invite at least one person. You can tell as many as you want. But one is just fine
4. STAY ACTIVE. We will be doing cuts of people every 2 weeks. If you aren't active then you will be cut.
5. To help keep things fresh you can submit two questions that can be asked so we don't get tired of the same
old answers
6. Think Courtney and Kirsten are the best...because we really are.

:Just incase:
Kirsten = beautifulkilling
Courtney = Ja logisch Ja
ok.. Now on to some questions
Drugs (this means ALL drugs):
Do you think you're beautiful?:
Who's the best?:
:Pictures: A minium of one is needed


<~~~ Courtney (wow I'm hot stuff :laughs:) | (now this is hot stuff) Kirsten ~~~~>
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