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Name: Sara.
Sex: Female.
Residency: North Carolina.

Colour: Black with pastel blue.
Band: Avenged Sevenfold.
Song: "Clairvoyant Disease" - A7X
Book: Choke by Chuck Palahniuk.
Movie: The Little Mermaid

Iraq: The United States had supported these terrorists during the Cold War. Technically they have themselves to blame for the access and knowledge of weaponry. The war, I find a waste of time. If they have such a problem with it, bomb them. Cold-hearted, yes..
Abortion: It is a woman's body. She should have a choice, coincidently, it doesn't always fit this way. If it's rape, of course. If you're sick in any aspect (majorly ill), then by all means. Abortion should not be used as a mean of birth control. That is why they make condoms and birth control pills.
Drugs (this means ALL drugs): Drugs are commonly started as a 'trend' follower or an experiment. In most case scenarios no drug, but a medically prescribed drug (sometimes), will help you. All they're going to do, is make you alienated, and give you a nasty habit, that no one really likes.
Sex: Sex is something supposed to be between people who love each other. Not between a girl, and a guy, who want money.. So they have 'sex' infront of a camera. Especially when it's a barely legal girl, with some 30-40 year old man. The society has ruined a beautiful thing. I find making love to be a very special thing. Why taint it?
Hiroshima: I suppose it was justified. But a little stupid, on the American's thoughts. We're still paying for it. And it ruined so many natural places, rather than just cascading those cities with radioactive mess, and killing millions of people. Congratulations, you've caused a health-hazard.
Do you think you're beautiful?: Sometimes.
Who's the best?: That bug, down there on the floor.


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