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fresh meat


Name: Cayleigh(in case my cryptic username didnt give it away)

Sex: female ( i havew boobs and a vagina to prove it)

Residency: Lowell Massachussetts( i've lived here my whole life and still cant spell it)


Colour: hmmm you canadians still spell it with a u i see, thats okay, canada rules. ill say hot pink and lime green

Band: kittie, nirvana ,tool, lamb of god, dimmu borgir and so on

Song: Nirvana- Heart-Shaped Box, Lamb of God- Black Lable, Tool- Jimmy

Book: Heavier than Heaven by Charles R. Cross, or one of those goosebumps books(those were good times)

Movie: Die Hard (hmm sweaty dirty bleeding bruce willis= heaven) American History X and The Lion King

ok.. Now on to some questions

Iraq: was bond to happen eventually, but old stammering Bush went about war in the wrong way, now everyone hates him, the poor dumbass, but thats what happens when you lie

Abortion: your body your desision, most people getting abortions shouldnt be having children anyways so in alot of instances its better. however i dont think it should be used in place of a condom, people shouldnt have abortions all the time.

Drugs (this means ALL drugs): whatever your into

Sex: once again, whatever floats your boat, have sex if you want with whoever, just be responsible for the outcomes ( reputation, stds, kids)

Hiroshima: what about Nagasaki

Do you think you're beautiful?: ya i guess

Who's the best?: me

:Pictures: look at the icon or in my journal, theres a few, im too retarted to figure out how to upload them
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