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my app yo


Name: Gnarly McRadster (but you can just call me Ian)
Sex: U.S. Male (that's an Elvis song)
Residency: Chattanooga, TN


Colour: green
Band: too many to name, but you can listen to my band at
Song: too many to name, but my favorite song of the moment is Queen - Flash Gordon
Book: 1984 by George Orwell
Movie: Fight Club

ok.. Now on to some questions


Iraq: Fixed...
Abortion: not MY baby, but if it's not my baby, then whatever.
Drugs (this means ALL drugs): not anymore
Sex: don't remind me how sad i am
Hiroshima: Fixed...
Do you think you're beautiful?: only on the outside
Who's the best?: at what? elaborate before my head explodes.

:Pictures: A minium of one is needed

i guess that's too bad, isn't it?
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